Everyone remembers the highly virulent reactions of the US Embassy in a not such a distant past to the phenomenon of corruption in Romania, the lobbying activities that the former US Ambassador, Mark Gitenstein made for the US companies in Romania, some of them, like Microsoft, implicated in huge corruptions scandal in Romania and US, the fact that Mark Gitenstein built for himself the image of the personification of the anti-corruption fight and the symbol of the Democracy and the Fundamental Right, a parental figure that was caressing with one hand, when he was praising the progresses made by the Anti-corruption Department of the Public Prosecution, and with the other was striking those who were opposing his protegees’ interests.
US joined EU in criticizing Mass-media for criticizing the judicial system in relation with important corruption cases and gave signals that in Romania, mass-media is regarded more like the voice of the corruption rather then the watch dog of the Democracy.
Therefor, the rejection by the Romanian Parliament of the Public Prosecution request of the arrest of the senator Dan Sova, was expected to raise protests and open criticism from the US Embassy, now even more that a new US Ambassador was recently appointed.
The response of the US Embassy was disappointing. It disapproves, rather elegantly the decision of the Parliament, but does not comment on the individual case.
What could have been determined the rather shy reaction from the US officials? If someone else involved, we can almost see the public release made by the US Embassy, condemning the corruption in Romania, the fact that the Parliament protects people suspected of corruption, it would have urged the Parliament to respect the Constitution and the rules of law, it would have praised the activity of the Public Prosecutions and threaten the Romanian Government, in a very subtle manner, to withdraw the support that we are given.
We can only assume that the rather unusual approach of the US Embassy might have something to do with:
– the fact that the prosecuted senator, Dan Sova, was, not very long ago, the Minister of Transport and, in this capacity, made a “gift” of 37.5 million to the US company Bechtel, as damages based on a contract that could not be found in the Minister archive.
-the fact that the senator’s mother, the attorney Ana Diculescu-Sova was representing Bechtel in relation with the Minister of Transport and negotiated the damages’ issue. A very lucrative negotiation, could someone say.
– the fact that the senator’s mother, the attorney Ana Diculescu-Sova represented the US Embassy in some litigations in Romania
– the fact that the same lawyer, Ana Diculescu-Sova is the attorney of the largest investment found in Romania, the Property Found, controlled and conducted by US Founds, Elliot and Franklin Templeton, for which Mark Gitenstein, in his capacity of US Ambassador lobbied
– the fact that now, Mark Gitenstein is on the Board of the Property Found, and alongside Ana Diculescu Sova obtained from the Romanian institutions to turn a blind eye to the fact that the several legal courts declared as illegal the nomination of Franklin Templeton as manager of the Property Found and to keep him in this position until its assets are being transferred to other US companies of even to other branches of Franklin Templeton
– the fact that a major corruption case was opened to investigate how the shares to the Property Found were allocated by the Government of Romania and how they ended as assets of vulture founds, such Elliot.
Is US ready to look into the corruption cases that are leading to ones of his own?

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